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7 Course $25 Per Person

The Three Salad Platter    

Cooked Eggplant With Tomato Sauce Seasoned with onions,garlic,parsley,cumin,salt,pepper and green Peppers.
Cucumber with Tomatoes,Green Peppers & Mediterranean Seasoning.
Cooked Carrot Salad with Mediterranean Seasoning.

The B'stella    

Layered Pie With Chicken,Assorted Nuts,Almonds,Eggs,Parsley & Onions.Topped With Confectioner's Sugar & Traced with Cinnamon.

First Main Course Choice    

Chicken With Lemon & Olive or Spicy Chicken & Hot Sauce.

Second Main Course Choice    

Marinated Beef/Chicken Shish Kebab,or Tagine Lamb With Almond & Honey or Lamb With Cumin & Lemon Juice.

Third Main Course

Couscous(Semolina) with vegetables,Chickpeas & Raisins with fried onions.

5 Types of Fresh Fruits    

Mint Tea    


Fillo dough stuffed with pistachios and honey.